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Soundtracks of Ram and Krishna



This package consists of a pen drive containing High Resolution CD quality recordings of the soundtracks of 2 musicals i.e. 12 songs in English of Ram – The Musical and 12 songs in English of Krishna – The Musical. In addition to these 24 full length versions of the songs, the pen drive contains Hi Resolution Versions of the versions being streamed free on the websites and plus Bonus Versions which are 9 Contemporary Style Remixes, 9 Instrumental Versions and Indi Pop & Cover Versions of the songs, a total of 50 CD quality songs in all. Accompanying the pen drive are 2 beautiful colour booklets, containing the lyrics, illustrations and descriptions of the 24 songs of the two musicals.  A booklet of the poems of the author / composer / lyricist / poet of the musicals, namely RJ ( is included. This limited edition is a collector’s treasure.